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S# Description Action
1 Muhammad Qasim Survillance Officer (BS-17) Download
2 Posting of MOs BS-17 after completion of TMOship Download
3 Posting-Transfer of doctors BS-18 and above Download
4 Posting / Transfer of Specialist Cadre Download
5 Postings/Transfers of Non-doctors Download
6 Posting / Transfers of MOs BS-17 Download
8 DR SAJID UR REHMAN (BPS-18) Download
9 Medical Officers (KPPSC Recommended) 94 Doctors Download
10 Medical Officers (Waiting for posting) 26 Doctors Download
11 Cancellation of posting order of 3 docors Download
12 Posting / Transfer of MOs (72 Doctors) Download
13 Rehmat Shah Pharmacist (BS-17) Download
14 Posting Transfer of different doctors Download
15 Posting/Transfer orders of Specialist Cadre doctors Download
16 Dr Khitab Gul (BS-17) Download
17 Dr Nek Muhammad Shirani (BS-18) Download
18 Notification-Contract MOs (37 Doctors) Download
19 Notification-Contract MOs (14 Doctors) Download
20 Dr Azmatullah (BS-19) Download
21 Dr Jamil Ahmad (BS-18) Download
22 Dr Maaz Mahmood Ayaz DS (BS-17) Download
23 Dr Abid Hussain and Dr Muhammad Ali Download
24 Dr Sajjad Ahmad Malik and Dr Shahnaz Ajmal Download
25 Dr Aziz ur Rehman and Dr Khan Bahadar Download
26 Dr Khalil ur Rehman (BS-18) Download
27 Dr M Zarin and Mushtaq Ahmad Download
28 Dr Amir Rafiq Khattak (BS-18) Download
29 Dr Mhammad Riaz SMO (BS-18) Download
30 Dr Majid Khan (BS-17) Download
31 Dr Mehtab Shaheen WMO to SWMO (BS-18) Download
32 Dr Saadullah Khan PMO (BS-19) Download
33 Dr Attaullah Khan (BS-17) Download
34 Dr. Muhammad Javed (BS-20) Download
35 Dr Aqeel Bangash (BS-19) Download
36 Dr Niaz Muhammad (BS-18) Download
37 Dr Zarin Khan (BS-19) Download
38 Dr Shaukat Ali (BS-19) Download
39 Dr Shahzad Ali Khan (BS-19) Download
40 Dr Azmat Ullah Khan (BS-19) Download
41 Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Tanoli (BS-19) Download
42 Dr Mujeeb ur Rehman (BS-18) Download
43 Dr Qasim Abbas (BS-18) Download
44 Dr Fazl-e-Wahab (BS-18) Download
45 Dr Muhammad Khalil Akhtar (BS-18) Download
46 Dr Aamir Israr (BS-18) Download
47 Dr Khalil ur Rehman (BS-18) Download
48 Dr Ejaz Ahmad (BS-18) Download
49 Dr Nasir Shah (BS-19) Download
50 Dr Nazeer (BS-19) Download
51 Dr Muhammad Asghar (BS-19) Download
52 Dr Abdul Waheed (BS-19) Download
53 Dr Syed Jamal Akbar (BS-19) Download
54 Dr Aziz ur Rehman (BS-19) Children Specialist Download
55 Dr Khan Bahadar (BS-19) Download
56 Dr Muhammad Iqbal (BS-19) Download
57 Dr Sameen Afridi (BS-19) Download
58 Dr Muhammad Ayub (BS-19) Download
59 Dr Kaleem Ullah Khattak (BS-19) Download
60 Dr Muhammad Fayyaz Ali (BS-19) Download
61 Dr Muhammad Saleem Khan (BS-19) Download
62 Dr Abdu Gul (BS-19) Download
63 Dr Nasrin Akbar (BS-19) Download
64 Dr Abdul Qaddos (BS-19) Download
65 Dr Fazal Hadi (BS-20) Download
66 Dr Rehman Ullah (BS-20) Download
67 Dr Nek Nawaz (BS-20) Download
68 Dr Minhaj ul Haq (BS-20) Download
69 Dr Ubaid-ur-Rehman (BS-20) Download
70 Dr Muhammad Ali (BS-20) Download
72 DR ASGHAR ALI (BS-18) Download
73 DR ZAKIR (BS-18) Download
74 DR NAWAB ALI (BS-18) Download
76 DR FAKHAR E ALAM (BS-19) Download
77 DR SHUMAILA MALIK (BS-17) Download
79 DR UZMA HABIB (BS-17) Download
80 DR IRUM QAYYUM (BS-17) Download
81 DR AYESHA KHAN (BS-17) Download
83 DR IMRAN KHAN (BS-17) Download
84 DR QADIR SHAH (BS-17) Download
86 DR HAROON LATIF (BS-17) Download
87 DR LUQMAN ALI (BS-17) Download
88 DR HAFIZ ULLAH (BS-17) Download
89 MR MUHAMMAD QASIM (BS-17) Download
90 DR SOHAIL FAROOQI (BS-17) Download
91 Dr Sarfaraz Download
92 Dr Irum Pasha Download
93 Salim Altaf Warden (BS-17) Download
94 Naik Zaman Khan CT Pharmacy (BS-17) Download
95 Fazal Akbar AP Gastro (BS-18) Download
96 Nisar Anwar Prof Nephrology (BS-21) Download
97 Dr Sardar Ali Download
98 DR FARRUKH ANWAR (BS-20) Download
99 Dr Azmatullah Khan (Management Cadre BS-19) Download
100 Dr Sartaj Ali Shah (BS-19) Download
101 Dr Anthony Alamzeb Feroz (BS-17) Download
102 BUSHRA BEGUM Sr. Distt. Specialist Gynaecology (BS-19) Download
103 DR MUTI UR REHMAN Sr. Distt. Specialist Children (BS-19) Download
104 DR SHAHID HUSSAIN Sr. Distt. Specialist Orthopaedic (BS-19) Download
105 KHURSHID ROSHAN Sr. Distt. Specialist Children (BS-19) Download
106 SYED AZHAR HASSAN Sr. Distt. Specialist Cardiology (BS-19) Download
107 KIFAYAT ULLAH Sr. Distt. Specialist ENT (BS-19) Download
108 MAROOF KHAN Sr. Distt. Specialist Anaesthesia (BS-19) Download
109 ZARD ALI KHAN Distt. Specialist Pathology (BS-19) Download
110 DR SHAHID HUSSAIN Sr. Distt. Specialist Orthopaedic (BS-19) Download
111 DR MUHAMMAD SALEEM Prof. of Dental Material KCD (BP-20) Download
112 DR M ISHTIAQ Chief Distt. Specialist Radiology (BS-20) Download
113 DR ZAR ALAM SHINWARI Chief Distt. Specialist Children (BS-20) Download
114 MUHAMMAD SAEED Chief Distt. Specialist Children (BS-20) Download
115 TAHIRA YASMIN Chief Distt. Specialist Gynaecology (BS-20) Download
116 WAJID SAEED Chief Distt. Specialist Cardiology (BS-20) Download
117 DR IMRAN UD DIN Prof. of Pathology (BS-20) Download
118 Dr M Khalil Akhtar Download
119 Dr M Zuber SMO (BS-18) Download
120 Dr Muhammad Nawaz (BS-19) Download
121 Dr Muhammad Rauf (BS-19) Download
122 Dr Sharifullah (BS-19) Download
123 Dr Azizur Rehman (BS-19) Download
124 Dr Javed Iqbal Khattak (BS-20) Download
125 Dr Musharaf Khan (BS-20) Download
126 Dr Aurangzeb (BS-20) Download
127 Dr Qazi Hanif ur Rehman (BS-19) Download
128 Dr Ikramullah (BS-19) Download
129 Dr Shahab ud Din (BS-19) Download
130 Dr Zuhra Rafiq (BS-18) Download
131 Dr Farrukh Anwar (BS-20) Download
132 Dr Ghulam Shabir (BS-20) Download
133 Naeema Sattar (BS-18) Download
134 Dr Abdur Rehman (BS-20) Download
135 Dr Ijaz Ahmad (BS-18) Download
136 Dr Muhammad Mushtaq (BS-20) Download
137 Dr Kamran Yousaf (BS-18) Download
138 Dr Muhammad Saeed (BS-19) Download
139 Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Tanoli (BS-19) Download
140 Dr Farooq Shah (BS-20) Download
141 Dr Umar Farooq (BS-18) Download
142 Dr Ayub Rose (BS-20) Download
143 Dr Zawar Hussain (BS-19) Download
144 Dr Shamim Ara (BS-20) Download
145 Mrs Shahzadi Jamila (BS-18) Download
146 Dr Niaz Muhammad, (BS-20) Additional Director General (Admn) Download
147 Dr Qasim DD-SHPI Download
148 Dr Simran Jao Chawla, Dental Surgeon (BS-17) Download
149 Entomologist Interview Committe on Locum Download
150 Dr Basharat ur Rehman (BS-19) Download
151 Dr Bin Yamin (BS-19) Download
152 Dr Muhammad Aqeel Bangash (BS-19) Download
153 Dr Muhammad Aqeel Bangash (BS-19) Download
154 Dr Muhammad Zarin Download
155 Dr Munirullah (BS-20) Download
156 Dr Sajid Yousaf (BS-17) Download
157 Dr Sher Ali (BSs-19) Download
158 Dr Walayat Khan DMS DHQ Hangu Download
159 Audit Committee for Drug Activities Download
160 DR ANWAR UD DIN (BPS-19) Download
161 DR ZARD ALI KHAN, Snr. Distt Specialist Pathology Download
162 DR GULSHAN HUSSAIN (BPS-20) Download